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Look for this emblem. It identifies a business in your area that welcomes and rewards students with lower prices.

Get a coveted "printed" copy. Nearly a quarter of a million printed copies of the Student Survival Kit Coupon Book are distributed through college bookstores each year in the Pacific Northwest. Visit your bookstore the first week of classes. (UO students - watch your mailbox for a free copy.)

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Frequently-Asked Questions
Q: Can I really print and use these coupons?
A: Yes, you can. They are intended for individual, non-commercial use. Repetitive forms of electronic or photographic duplication (photocopying) of coupons is not allowed, however.
Q: Is the Survival Kit produced by the University?
A: No. The Survival Kit Coupon Book is produced and owned by Giesa Communications. A portion of the profits are returned to non-profit campus organizations such as student government and alumni associations.
Q: Who determines what coupons and advertisers appear in each issue?
A: The advertisers pay a fee to reserve space in the Book. They have complete control over what deals and offers they put on their coupons.
Q: Do you hire students to represent the Student Survival Kit locally?
A: Yes. We are always looking for professional, energetic, responsible students. Our representatives meet with local businesses who want to advertise in our publications. Sales experience is not required, but it is helpful. If you think you've got what it takes to be a Survival Kit Student representative, contact us today.

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Sponsored at WSU and UI by ASWSU & UI Student Alumni Relations Board. Sponsored at the UO by the UO Alumni Association and Student Alumni Relations Board. Sponsored at the University of Washington by UW AEISEC. Distributed at UW in association with University Bookstore.